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Peck Street Construction

Construction is underway on the completion of Peck Street; the road adjacent to the west side of the park behind 200 Dyer Street. The project is being led by RIDOT and is expected to be complete in the Fall of 2021. Fencing along Peck Street and the west side of the park will remain up until the completion of the project.  

Lawn Restoration

Earlier this summer RIDOT completed work re-seeding the lawns on the west side of the park. In September, RIDOT further re-seeded select areas in the lawn that require more germination. In the Spring of 2022 at the beginning of the planting season, The District will also re-seed the lawn where the Guild Beer Garden is located prior to to the 2022 opening date.

Accessibility Upgrades

Construction to improve accessibility and comply with the American Disabilities Act along the Riverwalk pathways adjacent to the Pedestrian Bridge is slated to begin this fall. The project is being led by the RIDOT and is anticipated to be completed in 2021. The chain-link fencing in these areas will remain to prevent access to the pathways due to safety concerns. It will be removed upon project completion.

Park Benches

This winter benches will be installed throughout the walkways in the park!

Ice Cream

Tizzy K's Cereal Ice Cream has opened their new shipping container storefront! The store is located in the park next to the pedestrian bridge along South Water street. Their current hours can be found on their website

New Waste Bins

The park recently installed additional waste receptacles. Following completion of the current construction projects additional bins will be installed.  If you see a maintenance or landscaping  issue in the park please let us know by visiting our contact page.

Seawall and Riverwalk Extension

National Grid is currently rebuilding the seawall along the transformer yard located adjacent to the Providence River. Upon completion, Wexford Science and Technology, in partnership with the I-195 Redevelopment District and National Grid, will commence construction to connect the existing Riverwalk through the Park to the Point Street Bridge.

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