Call for Curators and Programming

I-195 Redevelopment District is seeking proposals from curators, event organizers, and those interested in community programming for Providence Innovation District Park’s 2022 events season (April-December). To learn more about this opportunity and to download an application visit here.


Questions regarding the Call for Curators and Programming will be answered on this page.

Q1: Does the I-195 Redevelopment District book events on the Michael Van Leesten Memorial Bridge (Pedestrian Bridge)?

A1: The Michael Van Leesten Bridge is outside of the District's jurisdiction. District staff can help facilitate requests to the City of Providence Parks Department to use the bridge provided that the proposed event will also utilize Providence Innovation District Park.

Q2: Should I be applying for a single event or multiple dates?

A2: Applicants can propose one-off events or multiple event dates. The Park anticipates a busy programming season and will be attempting to accommodate numerous booking requests. As such, the Park reserves the right to ask applicants to scale down programming based on the availability of the Park. 

Q3: To what degree do events need to be child friendly?

S3: While it is not required, applicants are encouraged to create programming that is accessible to a broad audience, including children. If an applicant anticipates that their programming might not be suitable for children, this should be discussed in advance with the District.

Q4: Is there a possibility for partial funding?

A4: Yes, it is possible that proposals may receive partial funding from the District. Should a proposal receive partial funding, the applicant can then decide whether it is feasible to proceed with the proposal.

Q5: How many proposed events from an applicant is the District likely to approve?

A5: There is no specific number of events that the District will accept or approve. Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals that include the number of events that the applicant feels is achievable and realistic based on their budget and programming goals. However, if an applicant is proposing multiple events, it is possible that the District will request that the applicant scale down the number of events depending on the availability of dates in the Park and other scheduling factors.

Q6: If I’ve submitted a request to host a weekly series in the past, is there a place for me to find the application?

A6: If the prior request was to utilize only the Pedestrian Bridge, please follow-up with the City of Providence Parks Department. The Call for Curators and Programming is the correct application to fill out fill out if an event is planning to utilize Park space and is requesting funding to do so. If funding is not being requested, please visit

Q7: Is there a place to see what dates are available? Can we propose multiple dates that would be acceptable for a single event?

A7: It is not possible for applicants to view the current availability of dates in the Park. Applicants are encouraged to indicate whether they have date flexibility to help with scheduling considerations. If an applicant requires a specific date and there is no flexibility, then this should also be indicated on the application. If an applicant’s proposal is accepted, the District will work with them to accommodate as many of the requested dates as possible.

Q8: For weather considerations, does the District have tents available?

A8: No, the District does not have tents available. However, applicants can include tent rental as a line item in budget. Applicants can also identify potential rain dates in their application to plan for contingency. If an applicant’s proposal requires electricity, it is best practice to reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule in the event of severe weather.

Q9: Are the electric outlets in the park 15-amp circuits? 20-amp circuits?

A9: The electric boxes mounted on light poles on the west side of the park contain GFCI electrical outlets that are 125V/20A. There are currently no available electrical outlets on the east side of the park.

Q10: Is there a curfew or time where events must stop making sound?

A10: This will be determined on a case-by-case basis, however all events must comply with the City of Providence Noise Ordinance.

Q11: What is the name of the office where one can register as a Woman or Minority Owned Business Enterprise?

A11: The Rhode Island Office of Diversity, Opportunity, and Equity (ODEO). Their website is

Q12: Can this application also be used for non-event projects such as sculptures or something that is temporarily set up for more passive use?

A12: Yes, the District would entertain proposals for pop-ups, installations, or durational pieces.

Q13: Is it possible to obtain an alcohol permit outside of Guild’s footprint in the park? Either in partnership with the Guild or another entity?

A13: Yes. The District issues liquor licenses in partnership with the City for Park events. The District requires that an event organizer either already possesses a liquor license in Rhode Island or that they partner with an entity who does. Any request for alcohol service provided by The Guild will need to be coordinated directly with the Guild. The District can help facilitate these requests. For any Park event where alcohol will be served, applicants will be required to submit an Alcohol Management Plan, obtain General Liability Insurance in accordance with Attachment B in the application, and go to a hearing for Providence City Services Special Events Permitting.

Q14: Is it appropriate to have a fundraising piece to an event that we propose?

A14: Yes. If an applicant has obtained additional funding for their programming from other sources such as grants, sponsorships, or donations, they should include this information in the “Project Budget” section of their application.

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